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Turbine, wind turbine system, Ampair (Pacific) 300
  • Turbine, wind turbine system, Ampair (Pacific) 300

Turbine, wind turbine system, Ampair (Pacific) 300

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The Ampair (Pacific) 300 wind turbine system is suitable for larger yachts, small industrial locations, or remote holiday cabins. This microwind turbine has evolved from the outstandingly rugged Ampair 100 unit with the addition of the revolutionary PowerFurlTM blade pitch control system, advanced aerodynamic blade design and a more powerful generator. Ampair 300 Features:
  • combines non-intrusive operation with elegant modern styling,
  • accurate aerofoil construction of each turbine blade optimises performance, minimises noise and vibration, and improves power-to-weight ratio,
  • rigid blade design avoids "whooping", "motorboating", or "screeaming", (vibration, resonance, and flutter),
  • integral marine-grade sealing system protects internal components from condensation and corrosion,
  • simple pole mounting allows installation in many locations,
  • operates with no thermal cut-outs, commutator brushes, or complex electronics,
  • revolutionary simultaneous PowerFurlTM blade pitch control system reduces turbine speed in high winds whilst maintaining power output,
  • three phase AC output from turbine minimises voltage drop and permits use of smaller cables; external DC rectifier included in system,
  • wide range of accessories available including various mounting options
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