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Hydro generator, Underwater 100 micro
  • Hydro generator, Underwater 100 micro

Hydro generator, Underwater 100 micro

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Submerged generator for fast flow zero head streams
The UW100 is a submerged generator designed for charging 12/24-volt battery systems from fast flowing zero head streams. Strictly speaking it is a picohydro generator ideally suited to difficult situations such as:

  • Work Boat
  • Seismic Survey Vessel
  • Catamaran
  • Navigation Buoy
  • Water Supply Monitoring
  • Remote Homes
  • Aquaculture

    Previously known as the Aquair UW (which created a lot of confusion with the Aquair) this outstanding submerged in-water generator is equally suited for use at sea or in fast flowing rivers, mountain streams & water pipe systems. It can be used in locations where bank layouts dictate that it is impossible to dam a flow to create a head, or where the water is flowing under ice, or in high speed towed applications such as streamers and racing catamarans. The cult status of the UW100 is because it offers the opportunity to generate up to 2.4kWh per day from any 400mm deep (15") fast flowing stream. When the stream flows at 8-knots (7mph; 15kph) the UW100 will produce 8 amps continuously, and when the stream flows at 6-knots (5mph; 10kph) it will still produce 1.5kWh per day. And remember that a stream can be diverted into a narrow culvert to increase flow rates. Starts charging at flows below 1m/sec (2 knots) - generates up to 8amps at 12v. Proven to depth of 10m.
    All water joints (mechanical & electrical) are double sealed.
    The oil filled housing has a pressure expansion chamber to allow operation at intermediary depths & in all temperatures.
Information is up-to-date: 06.10.2017

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